Story ’10 invites you to be part of God’s story

By July 28, 2010

USA (MNN) — Everyone has their own story, being uniquely written
each and every day. This December, Pioneers USA is giving some of their
missionaries the chance to share theirs at Story '10, their national mission

"All of our speakers [will] be missionaries straight from
the field, and that's something that's really exciting for us. We really [want] to present stories that [are] currently happening in missions to give people an
idea of what God is doing in the world today and how they can be involved,"
says a spokeswoman with Pioneers (whose name has been removed for security reasons).

As missionaries lead each session, they will determine the topics
they discuss, including church planting, unreached people groups, business
as mission, and education as strategy. Additionally, some missionaries will
discuss other religions such as Islam and Buddhism and how to witness to them.

The theme of the conference is "His Story. His
World. His Glory. Your
Move." With this, Pioneers hopes to help attendees identify with one or
more missionaries' stories and God's overarching story.

"We realized that most people join Pioneers because they
met or know a Pioneers missionary. So, we really just wanted to highlight those
stories and give people a venue to see that they can do this, that it's
possible. There are just ordinary people serving the Lord overseas, and I think
when we hear those stories, we realize, 'That could be me. I could do that.'
So, we really want to highlight those missionaries' stories, and we just want
to bring that back to the fact that all of our stories are woven into the story
of God's redemption, that He's been writing since the beginning of time," she went on to say.

The conference will be held December 28-31 in Orlando, FL. And Story
'10 is not just for a certain demographic. Rather, it is a multi-generational
event for adults, students, and kids.

The mission guidance does not end the moment the
conference ends. Instead, Pioneers' mobilization team will follow up with each
attendee, offering them coaching and mentoring in whatever area they feel God
calling them.

Pioneers held their first national missions conference back
in 2008. Around 320 people attended that conference, with 20 of those
individuals going overseas for missions afterward. This year, they are excited
to be holding the conference for the second time.

As they gear up for this one, she asked for prayer: "Ultimately,
we're just praying that this conference would help to bring people a little bit
closer to where God is calling them, whether that's overseas with Pioneers or whether
that's something different. We really just want individuals to experience the
Lord there and really hear from Him."

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