Story number 1 for 1 Aug 2003

By August 1, 2003

(Pakistan)–We begin today in Pakistan where Muslim threats against Christians are widespread. President of Open Doors International’s Johan Compajen says the political situation in that country is unsettled, and many believers’ lives are in danger. “Pakistan is a divided country. The general who is in charge now and thinks that he is the leader, he’s only in charge of part of the country. It’s a sleeping volcano. It could explode. Churches have been destroyed – burned, people arrested. It’s still going on. It’s just a part of life for our brothers and sisters.” According to Compajen, despite the violence, this isn’t a time to retreat. “People are hungry for the world of God, especially the new generation. They are asking many questions. Especially those that have gone overseas studying, they go home and they say, ‘hey, something has to change.’ So, we better be alert.” Pray that God will protect Open Doors’ work in the region.

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