Story number 1 for 1 Dec 1999

By December 1, 1999

U.S. President Bill Clinton has signed a bill giving him the power to send food aid to Sudanese rebels. For 16 years, Sudan’s Islamic government in the north has been fighting Christians in the South, plaguing the country with economic and political problems. Voice of the Martyrs’ Todd Nettleton shares his thoughts on the change. “As the details of how the food will be delivered and so forth, is worked out, we’ll have a lot clearer picture of what it’ll actually mean for John Q. Christian in South Sudan. Already the United Nations has expressed some concern that their planes and their aid people will become targets because they’ll get confused with Americans who are providing aid to soldiers.” So, Nettleton asks for prayer as the events continue to unfold. “There is a lot of repercussions that could happen. In the past, the northern government has controlled the delivery of aid and used it as a weapon against different parts of the country. We feel like it’s definitely a positive step to help the Christians in south Sudan.”

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