Story number 1 for 1 Jan 2001

By January 1, 2001

Headlining today’s news, nearly 20-thousand young people were challenged over the last few days to active participation in world evangelization. It was all part of Urbana 2000, put on by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. The convention ended last night with a communion service. ICF Vice President Pete Hammond says this generation of young people is unique. “This student generation has grown out of such pain and family life and fear about the future in terms of the global economy and wars, that they’re more passionate. They are initially touched at the heart and not the mind, which is the change from my generation to this generation.” Hammond says because of that trend youth evangelism is changing in America today, but the message isn’t. “The core of the Gospel is the same. The way that it is delivered and applied and lived changes. And, I believe that is a Biblical concept. That’s why I think you have four different Gospels.”

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