Story number 1 for 1 Jul 2002

By July 1, 2002

(Argentina)–We begin today in Argentina, where violent protests turned to rioting late last week. For the country’s president, the unrest may mean an already disastrous economic crisis could become even more calamitous. For those who are in missions there, it’s cause for alarm. Operation Mobilization’s Nicholas Constantine explains. “A lot of churches, they’re a bit afraid. They’re not so certain to send out workers any more for missions because of the financial situation, but they’re really focused on doing work in side of the country, inside of Argentina.” Constantine says this is also the perfect time for foreign mission teams to come in. “Pray that God would raise up the church. People are looking for answers to the questions that they have; they don’t know who to trust anymore. This is really a special time that the church believers could go out to share the love of Jesus Christ one to one.”

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