Story number 1 for 1 Jun 2001

By June 1, 2001

(Indonesia)–Our newscast begins today in Indonesia, where the legislature’s decision to wait until August before deciding whether to impeach President Abdurrahman Wahid is causing alarm. International aid agencies are preparing for a worst case scenario humanitarian crisis. However, Walk Through the Bible’s Terry Sparks says this month’s launch of World Teach in Indonesia was critical. “We’re training Bible teachers to go out and teach “Personal holiness in times of Temptation”. When we planned the launch, we knew that Indonesia was very unstable. But, in God’s sovereignty, I think He had us there at the perfect time.” Sparks adds that they trained over four hundred teachers in World Teach. They were at the peak of their work when the government’s vote of no confidence shattered the country’s calm. “Pray for continued religious freedom, and we need to pray for the safety of the people who are going to be teaching because they’re obviously going to be vulnerable.”

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