Story number 1 for 1 Nov 2001

By November 1, 2001

(International)–Topping today’s newscast, the massacre of worshippers in a Pakistan church over the weekend has caused widespread concern in South Asia, where attacks on Christians are on the rise. U-S Open Doors’President Terry Madison urges believers here to pray in earnest on Sunday, November 4, the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. “Christians being identified erroneously somewhat with America, really need prayer support and us standing in solidarity in prayer with them, as they face the challenges of the fundamentalists in their societies who are sort of picking them out as targets of opportunity.” Madison believes the Pakistan horror is an example of what’s happening in other places, where believers endure. “The persecution may not be as intense or as brutal as we’ve just seen in the church in Pakistan, but it’s every [bit] as real to at least 200-million Christians who face the fact that for the sake of our Lord’s name, they will be arrested, beaten, harassed.”

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