Story number 1 for 10 Feb 2000

By February 10, 2000

We begin today with a look at the growing crisis facing the church in India.
News reports indicate the Bajrang Dal plans to raise anti-terrorist teams to counter
Islamic fundamentalists and Christian missionaries. Global Advance’s David Shibley
says: “There is a fresh concerted effort by radicals to release India from what they
perceive as any kind of foreign influence. It is a very serious day for Christian missions.
Western missionary influence in India may be very seriously curtailed within the next
few years.” Despite the difficulties, Shibley says he’ll be speaking at a conference
February 25 through the 27th in Northern India. “Global Advance is committed in India
to strengthening the hands of pastors and church leaders and encouraging that
indigenous church to rise to its full mission strength, because northern India has the
largest cluster of unreached peoples on earth.”

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