Story number 1 for 10 Jul 2002

By July 10, 2002

(International)–Topping the news, as the Barcelona AIDS Conference continues, Christians are saying the African Church is an underrated beacon of hope against the disease. World Vision International’s Christo Greyling says the church needs to be mobilized even more in the fight against this growing worldwide plague. “On a practical level, it means mobilizing the church leader, or the religious leader to understand why, you, as a religious leader, are a key door opener, or a change agent, and help them, through a process of experiences, to become compassionate.” Greyling adds that his own fight with HIV has added more resolve to encourage the church to be ready with the hope of Christ. “People are suffering without the support of the church because they don’t see or hear the heartbeat of God within the congregation. The church took 20 years to realize they have to become involved with the fight; it’s wonderful to see how God is working with the church to activate the churches as they move away from being judgmental.”

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