Story number 1 for 10 Jun 2002

By June 10, 2002

(Philippines)–As we begin today’s newscast, the shock of the loss of New Tribes Missionary Martin Burnham in a rescue attempt remains fresh. Gracia Burnham is recuperating from her wounds, but the kidnapping and subsequent drama is raising the alert for mission agencies also in the Philippines. SEND International’s Tom Ashe. “Whenever an event like this happens, people become more aware of security concerns, and are a little more cautious, but I think in the long-term, people are concerned for the lost that are in the Philippines, and as far as is possible, we would like to be involved.” Ashe says while security issues play a part on the mission field, they are asking people to support their outreach in prayer. “We would like people to pray for the extension of His kingdom in the Philippines, and that those that are called to serve wouldn’t be dissuaded by things such as security issues. Pray for guidance, especially as people feel called to serve.”

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