Story number 1 for 10 Mar 2000

By March 10, 2000

Topping today’s news, an evangelical ministry is thanking God for protection in the wake of a volcanic eruption in the Philippines this week. According to Philippine scientists the Mayon volcano has stopped erupting. American Leprosy Mission’s Chris Doyle visited the area and says their work didn’t suffer. “We have some projects at a leprosy hospital close to there. The folks at that hospital have been asked to participate in some of the relief work that’s going on there right now, but in terms of our projects, none of those have been affected.” Doyle says currently they’re assisting the government and community-based leprosy clinics. He says while cases of leprosy are dropping…”We’re still seeing a lot of cases with children. Generally speaking, when prevalence rates are dropping down, you tend to see fewer cases with children. So, we’re trying to continue to get out there and find all the new cases and get them on treatment. And, then help them in whatever way we can, including spiritual care.”

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