Story number 1 for 10 Sep 2002

By September 10, 2002

(Indonesia)–Topping the news, a deadly attack in Indonesia’s Papua Province is causing tensions to build. The event shakes those involved with the fragile peace holding in that area. That is causing alarm for those serving in missions. Christian Aid Mission’s John Lindner explains. “Observers can see that it is being prepared for violence-in other words, there are things coming up in that place that look like there’s gonna be an outburst of violence, possibly, in the near future. The military is building up forces there; there has been an observation of an influx of jihad personnel.” Lindner says believers should pray for Christians in Indonesia. “Pray for God to intervene. They should pray for those attacking, to fail. They should pray that the government authorities would finally face up to their responsibility to be the protectors of all peoples of the country.”

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