Story number 1 for 11 Apr 2001

By April 11, 2001

(Sri Lanka)–Topping the news, Sri Lanka has declared a truce with the Tamil rebels from April 13th to April 16th. International Needs Network’s Dave Culross says civil war and failed peace talks have created a tension in the country, adding that their workers are feeling it strongly. “We find that, much as in neighboring India, there is a rise in subtle persecution and some not so subtle, of Christians, but the Buddhists here, instead of the Hindus. So, just the edginess and the confrontational atmosphere that is in the country affects ministry in a very significant way.” Culross says despite the unrest, their work continues. “International Needs Network has two primary ministries in Sri Lanka. Both of them use the avenue of children; since this is a Buddhist country, we don’t use the word ‘evangelism’, because it’s a very sensitive issue there. Pray that as people minister to nationals around them that hearts would be open to listen to the Gospel.”

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