Story number 1 for 11 Dec 2001

By December 11, 2001

(Afghanistan)–We begin today in Afghanistan where the Taliban’s demise is forcing Christian groups to rethink their relief efforts. Food for the Hungry’s Beth Allen. “People that we had originally targeted in some cases are no longer living in the refugee camps. Many of those people have taken the opportunity to go back home again. It’s meant some population shifts. And, that means we have to take a look again at what we’re going to distribute and where we’re going to distribute it. We’re prepared for that.” Food For the Hungry is helping to provide food and clothing. Allen is asking people to pray that they’ll receive the funding they need to help the Afghan people make it through the winter. She’s also asking people to pray for more workers. “You can’t do any of this without people. Sacks of wheat can not evangelize. Sacks of wheat can not share the love of Christ. But, people can share Christ’s love. And so, we need people.”

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