Story number 1 for 11 Jul 2003

By July 11, 2003

(Iran)–Topping the news, broadcasters outside of Iran confirm all-US-based satellite feeds into the country are being jammed. SAT-7’s Mark Rudolph says so far, that hasn’t affected their work. That’s mainly because they aren’t US-based. While cautious, the enthusiasm over the latest growth is unchanged. “One of the most exciting things has been the introduction of some expanded broadcasting in Farsi for the youth. The new show is called “Youth CafĂ© Net”. For the first time, Iranian-speaking youth are speaking to Iranian-speaking youth about things that matter to Christians.” Rudolph says because the program is still young, “Praying for safety is certainly a key issue. But, I would say that a second aspect of prayer is that God will go before the message and that He’ll prepare hearts and that they planting of the seed will also lead to real fruit.”

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