Story number 1 for 11 Jun 2001

By June 11, 2001

(Myanmar)–Myanmar tops today’s news as persecution against Christians is strengthening the church. Mati Joseph, director of the Northeast India for Jesus ministry in
Nagaland, visited Christian Aid Mission recently. Joseph says a police officer was asked by authorities to try to re-convert Christians back to Buddhism. However, Joseph says it backfired. “The day that he made that agreement with them. the Christian people had been praying and they did not know what to do. But, then the same night it so happened that, though the man was not sick he slept at night, but (in the) morning he did not get up. And, then the people came to know that the man had died.” According to Joseph, this miracle has done wonders for believers in that country. “The believers were very much strengthened because they came to know that the Lord is with them. And, then secondly, when this incident took place, by the grace of God things cooled down and the Christians could worship the Lord openly, otherwise many times even the churches were burned down.” Pray that evangelism will flourish because of this incident.

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