Story number 1 for 11 Mar 2002

By March 11, 2002

(Colombia)–We begin today’s newscast in Colombia where Evangelical missionaries and churches have been warned by the U-S embassy about potential attacks. Latin America Mission’s Ken MacHarg reports. “The warning was conveyed in a late-night call, alerting missionaries in rural areas where rebel groups are active to be on the alert. “Guerrillas may be targeting members of North American religious missions outside of the major cities,” the warning said. LAM’s Mary Ann Armet reports that for now, most missionaries are staying in the country, though some are planning on leaving. She said that some missions asked their missionaries to stay away from church this past weekend when municipal elections were held. Embassy officials have asked missionaries in rural areas to rethink the importance of their presence in those areas and to stay on high alert. For Mission Network News, I’m Ken MacHarg.” Pray for the safety of these workers as they continue sharing the Gospel in this difficult area of the world.

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