Story number 1 for 11 Nov 2002

By November 11, 2002

(Ivory Coast)–We begin today in the Ivory Coast as mission leaders plan for future ministry in a country threatened by civil war. Evangelical Baptist Missions’ Paul Jackson is asking people to pray for peace talks that appear to be breaking down. “We don’t want those to break down and we trust that politically and militarily that they’ll be able to get on top of this. The Ivory Coast has been one of the most stable countries in west Africa for many years, but over the last several years this has begun to break down. I think (pray) for the peace for the country itself that would allow the country to return.” Jackson is talking about the International Christian Academy where nearly 200 students and staff were evacuated a few weeks ago. “Right now, the campus is being occupied by the French army and that’s a good thing. That is protecting the campus at this point. The plans are for the school to reopen hopefully in the fall of 2003, although there are not guarantees about that.” Jackson says in the meantime financial assistance is needed to help these missionaries who left everything behind.

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