Story number 1 for 11 Oct 2001

By October 11, 2001

(Pakistan)–Headlining today’s news, the United States’ response to the terror attacks is making life difficult for Christians in Pakistan. That’s the word from Norm Nelson of Life at Its Best. “If you are just charged with having blasphemed the prophet Mohammed you are arrested and held in prison. And, There’s been discrimination. Christians are kept on the lower rung economically. But, now with the military action of the United States being take in Afghanistan they’re very much in danger, they believe, of mob violence.” Nelson says Pakistanis are coming to Christ despite their situation. “It’s difficult. It’s tough. They are really hungry. But, they are effective. They’re already courageous. It’s already a difficult situation for them. This is a Muslim country, so obviously they really do need our support and our prayers.” Financial gifts are needed to help these Pakistani believers lead their countrymen to Christ.

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