Story number 1 for 11 Sep 2000

By September 11, 2000

Topping the news today, Shelter Now International is reporting that the fighting and drought continue to take their toll on the people of Afghanistan. SNI’s Jeff Johnstone says the fall of the city of Taloqan (TAHLK-ahn) has directly had an impact on their work. “We just had to recall some of our personnel from across the Kocha River. We’re in the area of
Hajaghar and Taloqan. We were informed two days ago that Taloqan had fallen to the Taliban. We’re on the other side of that front line, so we had to bring some of our people out.” Johnstone says the situation is threatening a canal project which could affect 35-thousand peoples’ survival. He adds that people should pray because: “We are able to, through the different programs that we have, show the love of Christ, through the provision. And, there’s a commonality there; we can talk openly about God. We do that as often as we feel led to do, but we have to be very careful there.”

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