Story number 1 for 12 Aug 2002

By August 12, 2002

(Pakistan)–Our newscast begins today in Pakistan where three men attacked a missionary hospital on Friday, killing several Christians and wounding many others. It was the second attack in a week, prompting fears that terrorists are targeting the Christian community. Open Doors’ Terry Madison. “Radical elements have gone out of their way to target what we would call ‘soft targets’; churches, missionary schools and now a Christian hospital, somewhat venting their fury and displeasure with America and the West in general, but certainly America and Christianity, in particular.” When asked what believers can do to help, Madison said: “Pray for our brothers and sisters in Pakistan, many of whom are feeling trapped, they’re feeling afraid, they’re feeling isolated. We can’t all go and visit-that wouldn’t be practical, and it may not be prudent. But, we need to just pray and stand with our brothers and sisters there.”

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