Story number 1 for 12 Dec 2001

By December 12, 2001

(Middle East)–We begin today in the Middle East where Palestinian/Israeli violence continues to plague that region of the world. The most recent attacks are hampering a U-S cease-fire effort. Despite the violence, Christian radio programming continues to be heard there thanks in part to Insight For Living International. Insight’s Rolla Goodyear. “We’ve been broadcasting in Arabic for about 18 months now. The broadcast is in cooperation with Trans World Radio. And, it is heard throughout the Middle East in areas such as Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Israel. We’ve had a very good response.” Goodyear believes this type of programming is essential for evangelism there. “Programs like Insight For Living simply encourage them, mature them in their faith, and give them the mechanism and the tools to go out and share the Gospel with their neighbors, the friends and their loved ones.” Funding is needed to help keep this program on the air.

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