Story number 1 for 12 Jul 2002

By July 12, 2002

(Congo–Kinshasa)–Topping the news, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda are trying to establish a buffer zone on their shared border. Yet, growing hostilities have prompted travel warnings from the U-S State Department. Global Advance’s David Shibley says their Frontline Shepherd’s Conference was this week. “We prayerfully considered the warnings from the State Department. We obviously take those seriously; we also take seriously the Great Commission, and we felt, imposed of the Lord, that now, more than ever, it’s important for us to go to Congo and to this terribly affected area of the world that so desperately needs the infusion of the life of Christ.” Shibley says church leaders were desperate. “There were thousands of pastors already registered for the conference. We have simply determined that unless we have a very clear directive from the Holy Spirit, we’re already under Commission-the Great Commission, and we’re simply not going to allow our lives and ministries to be determined by the threats of terrorism.”

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