Story number 1 for 12 Jun 2001

By June 12, 2001

(Philippines)–We begin today’s newscast with an update on the hostage crisis in the Philippines. The crisis with missionaries Martin and Gracia Burnham with New Tribes Mission is now in its second week. New Tribes Mission’s Scott Ross gives us this update. “The leader of the rebel group gave a deadline and threatened the lives of the three American hostages if certain conditions were not met by the Philippine government. Numerous contacts went back and forth between the Philippine government and the rebel group and it appears that they have reached some understanding that has indefinitely postponed the threats against the Americans.” Ross says prayer is the only answer right now. “It’s very clear that all of the issues are directly in the hands of Philippine government and the rebel organization. And so, pray for the safety and well being of all of the hostages and for their safe return.”

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