Story number 1 for 12 Jun 2003

By June 12, 2003

(Bangladesh)–A kidnapping in Bangladesh headlines today’s news. But, this time, it’s good news. Last week Mission Network News reported that Pastor Moses, with Gospel For Asia, was kidnapped and was being held for a large ransom. However, GFA’s KP Yohannan says God worked a miracle. “Eight people (guarded) him. That night, these eight people they all fell into a deep sleep. There’s nothing else we can say, other than God did it. And, our brother was able to walk away and he got to a village and they gave him shelter.” Pastor Moses has planted five churches in the region. Yohannan believes this incident could be great for his outreach. “I think those believers and unbelievers who hear this, what God has done, definitely this is going to increase faith for those who belong to the Lord. And, I think God is going to use it to bring a lot more people to Him.”

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