Story number 1 for 13 Dec 2001

By December 13, 2001

(India)–Topping the news, tensions between the Naga and Indian government reached a boiling point in unrest. India’s Border Security Forces are countering insurgency campaigns along the volatile border state of Manipur. AWANA Clubs International’s Dan Darrow says strife has interfered, but the situation may have turned a corner. “Things are settled down somewhat in the capital of Manipur, which is Imphal. Our nationals have been able to return back there. They still are on alert in case they are forced to leave the city again. It has been very difficult for our nationals there. Part of the persecution was directed at Christianity and Bible-believing churches.” Darrow says their work involves a Scripture memory program in conjunction with partnership churches. He asks that people pray. “One-sixth of the world’s population lives in India. Two-percent actually are Christian. From my travel experiences, hundreds of people have never even heard of Jesus Christ, let alone His saving power.”

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