Story number 1 for 13 Feb 2002

By February 13, 2002

(China)–Topping the news, a new report out of China accuses the government of torturing and killing Christians. Whispers of a secret December meeting resulting in the crackdown have now grown into a full-blown shout for help from the church. Open Doors’ Terry Madison. “For the first time, we have official government documentation that proves that the Communist authorities at the highest level are doing all they can to oppress the church, and to take advantage of every opportunity they have to suppress it.” Madison believes there are dark times ahead for the evangelistic church. “By labeling them a cult, they can therefore unleash all the forces of government upon them, and arrest them under a criminal code. Pray for the people of China, not only the Christians, but that we can pray in that manner of faith that the Lord of the Harvest will touch the hearts of these persecutors.” The report was released by the Committee for Investigation on Persecution of Religion in China.

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