Story number 1 for 13 Feb 2003

By February 13, 2003

(Yemen)–In today’s headlines, Osama bin Laden’s latest tape message urges Muslims to fight America. He also calls on followers to liberate Arab states from American influence, including Yemen. In light of the recent attack on the Southern Baptist Christian hospital in Yemen, the International Mission Board’s Mike Edens says the threat is not new. “This concern was there before Osama bin laden began his program. They are on an agenda to eliminate all other influences, and they’re trying to enlarge their sphere of influence.” Edens says the strength of their testimony comes into play now. “Christian workers in Yemen feel very protected by their Yemeni friends and associates. There is a sense in which Christian relationships give security to those who would share Christ.” Edens says the IMB hospital has now re-opened with the financial support of the Yemeni government. He asks people to continue to pray for their ministry.

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