Story number 1 for 13 Jul 2001

By July 13, 2001

(North Korea) — An historic visit by North Korean head of state Kim Yong-nam tops today’s news. He’s in Vietnam where he’s seeking for food aid for his hungry nation. Doctor Milton Amayun of International Aid, a Christian relief and development agency, says this is a good indication of just how bad the situation is there. “I would say it’s unprecedented. North Korea is a very self-determined country and their fiercely independent. This is something I’ve never heard of happening in the history of the Korean peninsula.” International Aid’s South Korean office has sent nine shipments of relief so far this year. Amayun hopes it will save lives, promote reunification and… ” …the proclamation of the Gospel will be opened just a little bit more. It has always been very difficult to do evangelism in North Korea, but I know that the people will not be blind (to those) who (are) giving help to them.”

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