Story number 1 for 13 Mar 2002

By March 13, 2002

(Middle East)–We begin today in the Middle East. In spite of global efforts to negotiate a truce between Israel and Palestine, the violent onslaught continues. With the largest military offensives being launched in two decades, few have been left unscathed. High Adventure Ministries’ Paul Hunter says the escalation in hostilities has increased the danger for their workers, but it won’t stop their outreach. “We’re doing four half hour news broadcasts daily, over the Sky Angel Radio Network, here in the U-S, live from our studios in Jerusalem. The events are changing so rapidly, that it’s almost at the point where, without divine intervention, all-out war is almost a certainty.” Hunter says they are dedicated to communicating hope, healing and restoration. He asks for support. “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. We know that’s a troubled area. Pray for our staff that are over there risking their lives every day to see the Gospel go forth. That’s what God’s called us to do; go where angels fear to tread.”

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