Story number 1 for 13 Mar 2003

By March 13, 2003

(Iraq)–With the UN draft resolution in the news, Iraq is taking pains to shield its national treasures in the likely event of war. SAT-7’s Ron Ensminger says the people are trying to ready themselves, but the pressure is taking its toll. “The increased tensions, the increased uncertainty, the lack of hope, the effect of the long-lasting sanctions that have been in the region are driving the people to look for answers. [And,] They’re finding reasons for hope in Christian television and they’re calling and they’re asking for answers to their questions; they’re asking for copies of the Bible.” Ensminger says the church is also responding to the increasing spiritual needs. “It is not illegal to be a Christian in Iraq. There are evangelical, Catholic, Orthodox churches who meet openly, and SAT-7 is committed to supporting them through Christian television programming that supports the whole family, and it’s produced in their language in the region.”

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