Story number 1 for 13 May 2002

By May 13, 2002

(India) — Headlining today’s news, as Hindu/Muslim fighting continues in India, a radio ministry is putting a hold on a plan to reach a challenging area of that country. Insight for Living International’s Rolla Goodyear explains. “We’ve had plans to add the Gujarati language, which is an Indian language and province in India for the last two years. And, again we will have to table that and move it out forward into the future because we just do not have the projected income.” Goodyear says the lack of funding for this project is especially heartbreaking because… “It is a region that is ripe unto the harvest because the Muslims and the Hindus hate each other, they’re fighting each other and what they need is the presentation of the true Gospel – how they can get past the pain and their suffering because the only hope they will ever have will be in Jesus Christ.” Insight for Living needs 85-thousand dollars to start this program. Consider making a gift today.

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