Story number 1 for 13 Nov 2000

By November 13, 2000

We begin today in Colombia where Christians are caught in the middle of the country’s civil war. The fighting involves Marxist rebels, paramilitary groups, the Colombian military, and drug dealers. New reports indicate pastors and churches are facing increased persecution. New Tribes Mission’s Dan Germann says they’ve felt the effect of the war. “The missionaries with New Tribes Mission that are serving in Colombia, a group of them were recently forced out of a tribal area, simply because, to stay would mean that they’d be forced to align themselves with the guerrilla faction that had moved into that area.” Germann adds that there is much to pray for and many challenges faced by believers. “I see it as one of the places in the world that really needs the church to rally around them, to sense what persecution is really like and in a violent context. Somehow, we’ve got to reach out to these guys and let them know we’re standing with them.”

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