Story number 1 for 13 Sep 2000

By September 13, 2000

Angola headlines today’s news as Christian groups are helping with health needs in that country. 25-years of war has left the country in a shambles and American Leprosy Missions is working with the needy with the government’s blessing. A-L-M’s Matthew Maury. “Over the last few years almost all of the Leprosy budget for the country has been provided through American Leprosy Missions. There’s a real shortage of doctors, so the government’s looking to partners like American Leprosy Missions to fill in some of these holes.” A-L-M’s Doctor Paul Sauderson says the war makes work difficult. “Many of the areas are very difficult to travel to. The main towns are secure and it’s possible to travel between the main towns, mainly by air, but much of the countryside is insecure. And, it’s difficult to carry on ordinary health work.” A-L-M is working through the local church, providing a platform to share the Gospel.

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