Story number 1 for 14 Dec 1999

By December 14, 1999

We begin today’s news in Chechnya where international attention has focused on the plight of Grozny’s civilians. Russia’s military says it is offering safe passage for those who want to flee the fighting. However, Russian Ministries’ Peter Deyneka says: “During the day, there is bombing that takes place, and so people are afraid, wondering when they can come out, when it’s going to be totally safe. Another reason is, lack of transportation. The routes require refugees to make long treks by foot, without knowing what lies ahead-so it’s the uncertainty that causes many of them to remain huddled in their basement.” Deyneka says because Chechnya is Muslim, “We are reaching out in a united effort to try to evangelize these 200,000 refugees while they are out of Chechnya. This week, Wednesday or Thursday-Chechen children and young people will hear the Gospel at a Christmas program, and then we will give gifts to all of these children that will include clothing, some food, [and] Christian literature.”

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