Story number 1 for 14 Jan 2002

By January 14, 2002

(India)–In today’s headlines, even as India plans large-scale war games along its tense border with Pakistan, peace is the main topic of discussion in other areas. The first in a series of evangelistic meetings has wrapped up this past weekend. G.V.Matthai. “Under our India Evangelical Mission, we are planning to have three major evangelistic crusades in January. Please pray for these crusades, that the Lord will send a great revival, and many people will be saved.” Matthai says they will be holding the next meetings in two weeks. However, the area that is causing most concern is Manipur, where the gatherings are slated for February 14 through the 17th. Matthai says there is a lot of opposition to the Gospel in that area. “Please pray for those who are being persecuted. Still, there is so much persecution going on against the national Christian evangelists. Christians are appointed to suffer, but our people are serving the Lord with great joy.” The last meeting is scheduled to end in Southern India on February 24th.

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