Story number 1 for 14 Nov 2000

By November 14, 2000

Topping the news today, the Voice of the Martyrs reports two of four Christians were denied bail in Nepal and will remain behind bars until their trial is slated, possibly within the next six months. According to VOM’s Todd Nettleton, both Trond Berg, a Norwegian, and Timothy Rai, a Nepali Pastor, face charges of illegal missionary work. Nettleton says the radical Hindus are pressuring the courts. “There were some marchers outside the courthouse at the trial, and apparently, there were threats that if they released all four of the Christians, they would burn down the courthouse. They were definitely trying to get harsh sentences for all of these Christians.” Nettleton asks that people pray for the pastors–in six weeks, they’ll appeal the bail decision. “I think we can pray for all the Christians in Nepal, as obviously they are functioning under a lot of pressure there. Particularly, for these two men in prison. We can pray for the two men who were released that they would stand strong and that they will continue in the ministry there.”

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