Story number 1 for 14 Nov 2002

By November 14, 2002

(Haiti)–Topping the news, the economic situation in Haiti continues to worsen, increasing the people’s desperate struggle to survive. The Haitian government, as they look for more ways to generate income, is now considering a large fee for all visitors exiting Haiti. STEM International’s Jim Levin (leVEEN) thinks the tax may have an impact on their outreach. “Say, for instance, if that team decides not to go there, that means that a church doesn’t get built; that means that the medical team, for instance, we had one working with our missionaries there last week that ministered to 900 people, and those kind of things are going to be cut back, or, it can be a discouragement our outright barrier that keep our teams out of Haiti.” Levin asks for believers to support their work. “We would look for prayer that the Haitian government would find ways of helping their economy, helping the average Haitian, without “shooting themselves in the foot” by discouraging some of the very people who want to come in there and help the people.”

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