Story number 1 for 15 Aug 2003

By August 15, 2003

(North Korea)–We begin today with a look at what’s at stake in the upcoming multi-lateral talks with North Korea. Aside from the nuclear arms deadlock, Open Doors’ Jerry Dykstra says there is another looming issue needing address. North Korea has catapulted to the top of list as the worst persecutor of Christians. Dykstra urges prayer. “My concern is, with all the emphasis on the nuclear weapons program, that human rights is going to take a back seat in these talks. We really have got to pray that human rights is brought up at these meetings, and that religious freedom, and the persecution of Christians also is brought up.” Of the church in North Korea, Dykstra says it is alive. “Ministry is being accomplished. Open Doors is active in those areas. I can’t really say a lot of the things that we do there, because they’re obviously, secretive. But Bibles are getting to some of those believers. I think a lot of the prayer is to be concentrated on keeping our brothers and sisters faithful against tremendous opposition.”

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