Story number 1 for 15 Mar 2000

By March 15, 2000

We begin today in Mozambique as two days of sunshine is allowing flood relief to get into the country. International Aid’s Sonny Enriquez is there, surveying the needs. He says Malaria is becoming an incredible problem so they’re raising money to help. “This is the biggest need there is, casting its big shadow in the village camps. When the floods started the was an initial report of 300 cases of malaria in just one camp. Today, after a few weeks it has jumped up to 4,905.” Enriquez says this is near epidemic proportions. He says cholera is also a problem. Enriquez says the church is responding. “Christian witness is very, very active here. The churches are very much involved. And, in fact, it’s enhancing the unity and the solidarity of the churches. The go beyond denominational boundaries and just reaching out together to those who are in need.” Call 800-251-2520 to help.

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