Story number 1 for 15 May 2000

By May 15, 2000

We begin today in Ecuador where a radio ministry there has suffered an incredible blow. On May 11th three armed men broke into Back to the Bible in Quito stealing computers, audio equipment and assaulting the staff in the process. Back to the Bible’s Dave Blowers estimates the damage and loss at more than 150-thousand dollars. “It’s the ministries that are going to be impeded because of this. I mean we record radio programs. Earlier this month we talked about Cuba and how we want to produce radio programs for Cuba. We’re back to ground zero. We have an empty shell down there. Nothing to record programs with. We have no computers. No data base. Everything’s gone.” 197 radio stations depend on their programming. Blowers says Back to the Bible’s scholarship program, correspondence courses, and web site evangelism is also affected. The Ministry has started the Latin America Restoration Project to try and raise funds to replace the equipment.

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