Story number 1 for 15 May 2001

By May 15, 2001

(Uganda)–Peace talks are underway between Sudan and Uganda, following more than a decade of war. The fighting has drained the areas of food and water, which is where the outreach of World Concern comes in. Tom LePage explains what will happen if the talks hold. “You have to multiply your bases of logistical support just to get any service to the people on the ground. So, if they come to a firm peace agreement, then people will be able to move in more permanently and thereby extend their work.” LePage says that’s why praying for peace is so critical. “It would change dramatically our work and involvement in south Sudan, but it would also change activities in northern Uganda, and northwestern Kenya. There have been three different initiatives over the last five years that have tried to bring these differing groups together. I’m very hopeful that they could at least sign an agreement to take the next step beyond cease-fire.”

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