Story number 1 for 15 May 2002

By May 15, 2002

(Philippines)–We begin today in the Philippines where the military says Muslim guerrillas might release New Tribes Missionary Gracia Burnham. The group has been holding her hostage for almost a year, but is considering her release because her health is deteriorating. New Tribes Mission’s Scott Ross says the Abu Sayaaf has a history of breaking their promises and hiding behind smokescreens. “There’s been a tremendous amount of misinformation given out by this group. Really, this group’s method of operation is to demand some type of ransom for release. So, it would be a bit unusual for them to release someone in some other fashion other than through a ransom payment.” Ross says as the one-year anniversary of the Burnham’s kidnapping nears, prayer for the Burnham’s safety becomes most urgent. “If, in fact, the military are engaging the ASG, we would be praying for Martin and Gracia’s safety that God makes them invisible or impervious to whatever might be happening there.”

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