Story number 1 for 15 Sep 2000

By September 15, 2000

We begin today with a look at U-S/China relations and its impact on church growth and evangelism. Yesterday, a group of U-S Senators tried to block a move to give normal trade relations to the communistic government. International Christian Concern’s Steve Snyder says he supports that. “The situation in China for Christians has not improved on the current path that the U-S government has taken and I think that the current situation will only get worse for Christians in China if we ignore this issue.” According to Snyder, the U-S needs to be firm with China, especially since he doesn’t believe it will impact evangelism. “The church in itself is growing rapidly in China without the efforts of missionaries from the west. It’s because of the Chinese Christians themselves who are actively involved in sharing the Gospel with their own people.”

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