Story number 1 for 16 Apr 2002

By April 16, 2002

Headlining today’s news, as a Mid East peace summit is being discussed, an interesting phenomenon is happening in Israel. Mark Snowden is with the Southern Baptist International Mission Board. “The attendance in worship services is nearly practically all time highs. The church is reaching out. They’re praying so desperately not to fall into despair. They do sense that despair that is there among their neighbors. The Christians and the Jews are going together to protect their children – not putting them on public transportation, but renting busses.” Snowden says the unrest isn’t stopping Christians from thinking about additional outreach. “They’re wanting to figure out ways to expand on what they’re already doing for ministry. To really reach out to women, to children with after school programs, to men for job skill upgrading.” Pray that the outreach will be effective in planting seeds of the Gospel.

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