Story number 1 for 16 Aug 2001

By August 16, 2001

(Macedonia)–Headlining today’s news, a ragged cease-fire is in place in Macedonia after six months of conflict. While NATO is reporting it’s largely holding, mission leaders don’t believe it will continue. Christian Aid Mission’s Mike Clinton. “The issues involved in the whole situation haven’t really been dealt with yet. And, the sides that have been involved with the fighting didn’t all get together and sign the agreement, it was really more the Macedonian government that did. And, agreed to give some concessions to the Albanians. Personal opinion, this won’t hold.” Clinton says the violence has opened doors to share the Gospel. Christian Aid is helping a local ministry reach out to police and soldiers. “High ranking government military officials, who are born again Christians are helping to reach their fellow soldiers and police. And so, during this time of tension there’s been so many people coming to Christ and now the next step would be to get these people discipled and trained and sent back to their units and their families as missionaries themselves.”

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