Story number 1 for 16 Aug 2002

By August 16, 2002

(Czech Republic) — Headlining today’s news, thousands of people in Europe have been forced from their homes as the worst flooding in decades has hit the region. The Czech Republic has been hardest hit. The Central Europe Field Director for Educational Services International is Kelly Kuest (keest). She describes the situation in Prague. “They’ve had to evacuate about 70,000 people out of Prague and south Bohemia, a region in the Czech Republic, has been the hardest hit, with several towns totally under water.” Kuest says ESI’s teachers will be heading there in two weeks to begin English instruction. She’s praying this flooding will provide ministry opportunities. “Obviously they’re going to be having students who’ve been personally affected by the flooding. Maybe they’ve been evacuated, homes affected, loss of property, and so I know our teachers are going to be facing some students who are going through a lot emotionally. And, hopefully that will open the door spiritually.”

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