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Published on 16 July, 2001

Story number 1 for 16 Jul 2001

(Undated) — We begin today with a look at persecution of Christians around the world. Open Doors with Brother Andrew just released their World Watch list identifying the world’s worst offenders. Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Laos, China and Turkmenistan top the list. Open Doors Terry Madison says Turkmenistan made the top five for the first time. “A number of Christian families have found themselves, because of their Christian faith, because they refuse to bow to the president of the country in this self facing way have lost their homes. These people have been abused, beat up, tortured. Many of these families have literally been run out of the country.” Madison says this list is a great informational tool for missionaries. “Increasingly a lot of young people are going as tent makers. And, again, to know where some of the hot spots are and if they feel led of God to go to these places. They’re going to have to be aware of the pressures under which brothers and sisters really have to suffer under.”

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