Story number 1 for 16 Jul 2002

By July 16, 2002

(Afghanistan)–We begin today in Afghanistan where millions of people are facing death if food and medical assistance isn’t provided soon. The President of International Aid, Myles Fish, just returned from Afghanistan where they took over a building that will provide medicine. “We were able to rehabilitate that structure so that it’s now a useful clinic. So, our going there was to finalize the reconstruction of that facility and to open it up and to begin actually begin seeing patients. The population that we’re serving there literally has never had any kind of medical care. Opening day they were just lined up outside the door.” Fish says this assistance is a testimony of Christ’s love. “The demonstration of the Gospel was so loud you couldn’t possibly miss it. Afghans are pretty disappointed in their own faith. We did not hold church services. We have built relationships and when the day comes that it’s appropriate we’re going to be able to explain what they’ve seen through our actions.” Funding is needed to support this outreach.

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