Story number 1 for 16 Jul 2003

By July 16, 2003

(Vietnam)–We begin today’s newscast in Vietnam where reports confirm long-standing worries over religious liberty. Evidence shows new converts face discrimination and government surveillance. Yet, in this atmosphere, a new outreach thrives. Educational Services International’s Stephanie Tebow explains through teaching, deeper questions are addressed. “Our students begin to question and ask, ‘why are you a Christian?’ and, ‘I see the difference between your life and mine; I want to know more about this Jesus Christ that you have in your life’ …depending on where they live, depends on really, what happens next.” Tebow, referring to the persecution of believers. She urges prayer. “Pray for our people, that will be given greater access, there will be less suspicion, that our efforts to witness a lifestyle and to stand with and partner with other Christians, would grow.”

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